Family Law Litigation

Step-by-Step Approach

Step one.     Collect information; understand your rights, obligations and claims.

Step two.     Explore opportunity for resolution.

Step three.   Proceed to court if and to the extent necessary.

Step four.     Remain open to resolution along the way.

How much does Family Law Litigation cost?

It is impossible to know with certainty the attorney fees involved in family law litigation, until it is over.  The time involved will depend on many factors including cooperation among the parties and counsel, when and if a matter settles, whether there are emergency issues, the nature of the legal claims, how many motions (if any) are filed, and whether there are exceptions from a Master’s Report and Recommendation to a Judge, and from Judge to an appellate court.

Moreover, depending on the claims and how the matter unfolds, out-of-pocket costs can include: real estate or business appraisers; custody evaluators; court custody mediation orientation, court custody seminar, custody counseling, a vocational expert, court filing fees (such as for filing a complaints or motions, proceeding before a Master, or finalizing a divorce), and fees for transcriptions of testimony and of Court Orders.

With all of these variables and potential expenses at a time of great stress in your life, rely on the Step-by-Step Approach, above.